The school has attracted an outstanding faculty that is not only highly educated and nurturing but also dedicated to helping all students develop their fullest intellectual and personal potential. A visit to the school reveals students who are engaged in their studies and investing themselves in the life of the school through participating in athletics, performing arts, and a multitude of interesting extra-curricular activities.

Principal's Message

The knowledge of reading and writing, getting good marks only, is not education. Being educated is to be able to deal with people decently, to be cooperative, sensitive and human to each and every event taking place around us and in the world, to have confidence, to be proud of one self, to be able to do for the welfare of the world and to be useful in the society.

Mrs. Renu Gupta






Our Mission

The mission of Green Field Public School is to educate our diverse student body in a safe, nurturing environment and to promote life-long learning, responsible citizenship and success in a rapidly changing world. And to provide

  • A broad and balanced program that challenges and engages students, building their individual skills and inspiring a passion for learning.
  • Diversity of thought and culture that encourages authentic exchange of perspectives, mutual respect and a mature understanding of the world.